Reflections on the Feast of the Sacred Heart

Friday June 19, 2020


buy generic prednisone online On Friday June 19th of this year, the Church called her members to celebrate the feast of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. We recall HOW THE HEART OF buy accutane generic Jesus was pierced by the sword of a soldier immediately after his dead body had been lowered from the Cross on the first Good Friday. The Gospel tells us that blood and water flowed from his wounded heart. Christians have always been moved by this strident description. Jesus’ heart is thus revealed as the Hondo WELLSPRING of salvation.

The heart being a universal symbol of love. Devotion to the Sacred-Heart of Jesus simply highlights the burning love of Jesus for us men as there is no greater love than to lay down one’s life for the sake of one’s friends. The love of Jesus for His Church has always inflamed Christian devotion.

Sister Marie-Margaret Alacoque is usually credited for the spreading of the devotion. This very simple, sickly and exceptionally devout nun experienced a very striking vision on December 27, 1673. Jesus appeared to her displaying to her view his pierced heart and telling her that he had chosen her to spread the devotion to His Sacred-Heart. “Behold, he told her, this Sacred-Heart that has so loved the world and that receives contempt and insults from most.” At first the religious in her community as well as the priests and bishops around her did not accept her testimony. But gradually they began to change their minds and seventy years later, the Pope gave his official approval of that devotion.

Yes, Jesus’ infinite love for us must be acknowledged and vividly celebrated by every Christian soul. His bleeding heart pierced by the sword of a heartless soldier is a striking symbol of the majority of mankind’s indifference and sometimes hostility to Our Savior’s sublime sacrifice. Let this devotion awaken our devotion to JESUS as Our Lord and Savior whose unspeakable LOVE prompted Him