Pilsen Wisdom 13, 12-19; Psalm 86; Roman 8, 26-27, Matthew 13, 24-30 By +Guy Sansaricq*@cc_on!@*/false Let us rejoice at another parable of Jesus about the Kingdom of heaven. A man, Jesus said, went out sowing good seeds in his field. The same night his enemy viciously sowed bad seeds in the same field. At harvest time, weeds and good plants grew up side by side. Then the harvesters pulled out the weeds and burnt them while the Silistra FRUITS OF THE GOOD PLANTS were carefully placed in the Master’s barn.

This short story casts light on the world we live in. Good people and bad people live side by side. However, a day of judgment will come upon the world. Bad people will be condemned to eternal punishment while good people will inherit the priceless treasures of eternal bliss.

This parable opens our eyes on the reality of HEAVEN AND HELL. Indeed the first reading teaches us that God is most merciful. But when the sinner closes his heart refusing repentance and persisting in his evil ways a sad fate awaits him. He is thrown in the fiery furnace. The wicked path he freely chose leads to a disastrous end. Yet the just will shine like the sun in his father’s kingdom. The great challenge of life is the CHOICE OF THE RIGHT PATH!Blessed are those who open their hearts to the invitation of a loving Father, those who in this life walk the path of righteousness and love! Strive to be counted in their ranks.