REFLECTIONS ON THE READINGS OF THE 17TH SUNDAY IN ORDINARY TIME (July 26th, 2020) 1 Kings 3, 5 + 7-12; Psalm 119; Romans 8, 28-30; Matthew 13, 44-52

buy brand Quetiapine By +Guy Sansaricq

how to buy prednisone Animals move by instincts. Humans as well have strong instincts but are provided with something called FREEDOM. Even God respects our freedom. He will force no one into heaven. His kingdom will be inherited only by those who freely choose it. In the first reading, we see young King Salomon asking God for wisdom. That was a marvelous free choice he made and for this he will be richly rewarded.  In the psalm response, the word of God is declared to be more precious than refined gold. The decrees of the Lord are said to be wonderful, providing understanding to the simple.

The 2nd reading from St Paul teaches us that the Lord justifies and glorifies those who respond to his calling.  Finally the Gospel reading using colorful images compares the kingdom of God to a hidden treasure or a precious pearl to be purchased at a high price.

All these texts bring forth the key lesson of the Day: God loves us and calls us to enter his kingdom. His precepts are wonderful. But our sincere YES to his invitation is crucial to salvation. At the end of the age, there will be a judgment. Blessed are those who use their FREEDOM to make the right choice! Great will be their reward!